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This is The Blind Life’s Amazon Page!

It’s where I put all the cool stuff that I will talk about on the channel All kinds of helpful products such as magnifiers, kitchen equipment, canes, and even the gear I use to make my videos! The shop is also where you will find my blind and low vision T-shirts Click on the link to check it out!

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Sam with Blind Life t-shirts


a man wearing a black t-shirt with the Blind Life logo
a woman in a lavender t-shirt with Blind girls do it with feeling
a man in a blue t-shirt with Living That Cane Life
A man with tattoos wearing a black shirt with ABCA4
An older man wearing a gray shirt with I didn't choose the cane life -it chose me
A woman wearing a large size maroon shirt with You Down with VIP 'Cause we can't see
A woman wearing a yellow tank top with I can see But I can't #ItsComplicated
A woman wearing a pink shirt with my ability is not my disability
A man wearing a blue shirt with I can see But I can't #ItsComplicated -The Blind Life
A baby in a yellow jumper with the I love guide dogs symbol
A boy wearing a blue hoodie with my dog is smarter than your dog!
A woman wearing a yellow sweatshirt with the I love guide dogs symbol

The Blind Life Merchandise:

The Blind Life T-shirts are, in my opinion, the coolest blind and low vision T-shirts in the world! Of course I think that, I created them! With a wide variety of topics, there’s definitely a shirt for everyone. Check out the link below to see them all!

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