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I never imagined that The Blind Life would reach over 20,000 subscribers and become the number one channel on YouTube for assistive technology for the VIP community! Having a large social media following has allowed me to work with so many remarkable companies and help spread the word about their products and services. If you’d like to contact me for sponsorships and brand integrations, collaborations, consultations, speaking opportunities, or interviews, please fill out the contact form and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible!


John Gardner, Irie-At inc.
Jeff Gardner
Irie-At, Inc.

Our company has worked with Sam Seavey and The Blind Life for a number of years and plan to continue indefinitely. Sam’s thorough and insightful product reviews have been a big help for customers seeking an objective review of products we sell. And our experience advertising with The Blind Life has been wildly successful.

Dr. Fernando Albertorio
Dr. Fernando Albertorio
Sunu Band
Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer

I highly recommend working with Sam at ‘The Blind Life’. His honest, non-biased product reviews are thoughtful, thorough and professional. We at Sunu, have been working with Sam on various projects for one year with fantastic results. Sam is able to increase our brand visibility and drive engagement like we’ve never seen before.

John McAteer
John McAteer
The NO-JAB Cane for the Blind

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your video of the evaluation of my cane. I found it to be very professional honest and frank. You pointed out the benefits and the complaints that you found during testing.

Tom Perski, IrisVision
Tom Perski
Vice President, Professional And Consumer Outreach

I am writing to inform you of our ongoing relationship and collaboration with Sam Seavey. Sam has done a tremendous job in describing our product on You Tube at Iris Vision Global of California. His videos were done to help consumers understand the myriad of products on the market for persons with low vision.

magnifying America logo
John D. Palmer
Magnifying America

I became acquainted with Mr. Samuel D. Seavey IV around two years ago after previewing a blog on YouTube entitled The Blind Life. I’ve met him at various national trade shows and conventions since and have been witness to an individual that is of character that is of utmost respect and honor and his demeanor is always even keeled and professional.

IPEVO logo
Justin Lee

A huge thank you to Sam for the amazing videos he produced. His videos which were delivered in a fun and insightful manner, covered a lot of information about our products and elevated awareness for our company within the community. As soon as the videos were published, we noticed a substantial growth of customer interest.

Bryan Wolynski, O.D.
Bryan Wolynski, O.D.

OrCam Technologies

I am an Optometrist who practices primary eye care and low vision. I also consult for OrCam Technologies. As an optometrist I need to keep up with the latest devices and emerging technologies and find Sam’s productions “The Blind Life” an amazing resource not only for my patients but also for professionals like myself.  As someone who also works consulting for an assistive technology company, I find Sam’s assessments to be very professional, fair and informative.